Analytical Missions helps people engage in right thinking. Analytical Missions are moral and accountable for the costs they create and this is what we teach others. Time is analytical and the most valuable commodity in the universe. Time is the first thing mentioned in Scripture. Time expresses Creation. Death is the devaluation of time. Morality is based on the way time is used. Ownership is based on our use of time to create value. We own the value added by the work we do. Work adds value to assets. This is the use of time to create life. The value we create is the equity produced by our use of time. Creativity is manifested through and in time. Power subverts this right. Legal ownership is based on law and legal rights are provided by the state. There are two realities based on two distinct views of ownership. Liberals claim to own assets. Analytics own only equity. No one can validate a claim on assets because no one creates assets but God. No state can validate claims to an asset and no subject of the state can validate the states claim to any asset or natural resource. Analytical Missions add value to assets by adding time, but this does not give the Analytic that adds the value a claim to the asset improved, it only warrants our claim to the added value. Repartitions, welfare, and all socialist policy is a form of freeloading because at root Peter is robbed to pay Paul. Liberals want to own what belongs to God. They are after the High Place, the Throne of the Most High. Claims to assets are directed at the Throne of God.


Private 3 is a Third Generation Technology that teaches analytical thought. Third Generation Technologies are based on information as a component of space/time.


Analytical Missions are design in accordance with the principle of Subsidiarity. All power in an Analytical Mission flows from the lowest level up to the higher. No power can be wielded by the higher level that is not specifically assigned to it by the lower. Analytical Missions always seek to reduce the power disparities that exist in a hierarchical organization.


Analytics flatten organizational hierarchies. Equality is expressed as the equal right to time. We all have an equal right to time, this gives us an equal right to the value we create, in time. We create equity as we create time or time is expressed in the creative act. When all creativity ends time ceases.


Time is due to sentience and sentience is an awareness of the creative event. Analytics value time and honor the creativity of all persons. Analytics abhor waste and oppression because these are not consistent with right thinking. All public goods can be provided through a free market operated by Analytics. Analytics reject public ownership and social justice. Analytics do not countenance free loading. We own what we create, and this is all we have a claim to.




Politics is about right thinking about management. There are two different ways to manage resources. We are either a manager of public or private resources. The public manager manages assets. Private managers manage equity. Private managers need to understand free markets and the Labor Theory of Value or they will not understand the management of equity.

Economics is right thinking about business. Business is concerned with the production of equity. Governments manage assets. Businesses create and own equity. The state possesses assets. Right thinking about economics cannot include government or public ownership of assets. We own only what we create and businesses add value to assets no business creates assets.

There are two ways of managing reality, the political and business mode. One is based on law and power and the other on faith and morality. These modes are tied to two differing conceptions of ownership. Politics encompasses all rule based, ethical systems. Economics is a data-driven, information rich system. Economic organizations are governed by moral principles. We own only the equity we create.

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Reality is constructed from three components, space, time and information. These three components are matched with three institutional structures, politics, economics and religion. Private 3 teaches right thinking in all three management sectors.